The right words (correctly spelled, compellingly presented) sell stuff. Hopefully, lots of stuff. That’s what I help my clients and employers do. With 15+ years of copywriting experience (freelance, agency and in-house agency), I cut through the jargon, explain the arcane, establish trust and approachability, throw in a little sass, and something something something.

But seriously--if you

  • believe that you sell a relationships just as much as you sell your products and benefits
  • are (re)building a brand from the foundation skyward
  • want customers and prospects to linger a little longer, flirt with the bartender, ask another question and order another round (ok, figuratively speaking here)
  • can't figure out the best way of putting what you do in easy-to-understand terms
  • need someone to cut through the smoke to get to the fire of your story
  • need copy with some life, elan, verve or kick for your content management and social media strategies

you need a professional copywriter who can do that for you on time, on budget, and on point. And you need my email address too: commandocopywriting at gmail dot com.