Good writers should be read and not heard.

The short answer, for now: I'm a jargon-phobic award-winning copywriter with more than 15 years of experience. With a last name nobody can pronounce (s’ok; I’ve heard them all).

The long answer: I make highly-specialized information and half-engendered ideas understandable, relatable, compelling, and complete. Why do I do that? So my clients and employers can build and maintain their credibility and market leadership by creating trusted, long, productive and profitable relationships with their customers, clients and prospects.

My favorite compliment from a client: "It's like you were in my head and gave me on paper everything I was thinking but didn't know how to say."

I like guitars and grenache. If you ever need a wine recommendation, just ask. Other stuff I’ve done recently:

  • Done a national radio ad
  • Created an online eBook for a major 401(k) plan
  • Written copy for Facebook and radio scripts for Pandora
  • Ghostwritten a legal book chapter on valuating retail stores inventory for liquidation
  • Ghostwritten bylined articles on financial planning that have appeared in over 150 local and major newspapers
  • Blogged a lot about wine
  • Devised social media and content plans for clients

You can reach me on gmail at melaniedecarolis or on LinkedIn. I tweet @CopyCommando every so often.